Notes, Notes, and More Notes

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Notes, Notes, and More Notes

 We all have things we need and want to remember. Ever think of something and a few moments later you can’t remember what it was? It’s happened to all of us, much like going into a room only to forget what you were looking for or why. It is a frustrating experience. And yet it happens over and over again.

 That’s why the best solution is to write it down. Write your thoughts, what you need to do, and when you need to do it. Let notes set you free from everything that is running around in your head.

 There are so many advantages and usages for notes. Here are some:

  • Not loosing your thought process
  • Keeping track of ideas, appointments
  • Making lists (to do, pro/con, etc.)
  • Creative writing starts (poems, prompts, etc.)
  • Remembering
  • Use as a reference

 Even though you may feel that it takes some extra time to do it, pulling out that notepad and pen is one of the best things you can do to help increase your productivity. Quality time is saved by having something to look back on to remember what you were thinking at that time. Inspiration is sparked by annotating what’s in your brain in a coherent manner.

 It’s not hard to get started. All you need is something that will always be with you to carry a journal and pen. Practice something long enough and it becomes a habit. In no time that trusty journal will become your best friend!


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