New Times, New Spaces

With all the growing problems in the world, we have the desire to make ourselves better beings. This means different things for different people. For some it’s a change in character, and for others it’s a change in lifestyle.

In the past, bigger was better. The nicer car, the bigger house, the gadgets and gizmos acquired “just because”. Things are changing and by now you’ve probably heard all about it: the idea of minimalism. Minimalism is boiling down what you have to just the essentials. This can be enforced in many areas in your life, but one growing idea is that of creating minimalistic living spaces.

Some go to the extreme by having only one room of living space that can be converted, while others clear their downsized place from clutter and anything unnecessary. It’s up to what will fit your current lifestyle.

Imagine a living room, bedroom, and office, all in one. Of course this is possible, but can it be aesthetically pleasing with features of each room being hidden and then reappearing as needs change? The answer is yes. Architects are creating just the room. Entrepreneur Graham Hill is one such example. In one apartment, or rather, one room, he has three beds, a desk, a couch, a dresser, and cabinet space.

Check out his TED talk:  


Hill is able to achieve this mainly through pullouts, foldaways, and strategic planning. With no extra “stuff” lying about, this is an easy and simple process. In an age where we are being overrun by the pull of everything technology offers us, it only makes sense to condense things down and modernize our lives. Right now that means living simply without sacrificing comfort or luxury.  

Knowing and learning about how making these living spaces work is one thing, but actually doing and living it is another. Many find the idea intriguing and say they would try it out. Be honest with yourself. Would you be able to live in a small space with everything you need as described here? Doing so may just be the answer to the change you’ve been looking for.



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