Less Is… Less?

Less Is… Less?

You all know the saying: less is more. This idea comes from the thinking that values quality over quantity. Think of a restaurant that has a million things on their menu. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, and when the food comes out it’s subpar. Take the same restaurant and condense their menu down to a few choice main dishes, and you can bet the chef will have them perfected.

This philosophy can also be related to things that we do and what we have. Committing a ton of time to something doesn’t mean that it will get done. It’s better to spend a lesser amount of time with a greater amount of focus. As far as “things” go, the less we have the more we value those items that are in our possession.

Sounds good, right? Less is more may be just a figure of speech, but it also isn’t a one size fits all approach. What about the literal side? Some of us are more direct and practical minded. So here’s a new saying- less is less.

Less is less is exactly what it says it is. No games, mind tricks, or guessing at what “more” you are getting from the “less”. It’s so much simpler, which is what less should be about. When you have less stuff, you have less stuff. When you input less time, you input less time. Why do we need to analyze it in a philosophical way? 

Stripping down to the bare minimum isn’t more. It’s definitely less than what we had before, and that’s the trend that many are starting to follow. In their minds, they are thinking and telling others the traditional saying as a reasoning for their choices, but when it comes down to it they realize that they don’t have more at all; and that’s okay.

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