Five Billionaires That Swear on This Habit for Their Success

This overlooked skill is one of the most powerful and useful tools for any businessman. For many, taking notes is an outdated concept. It is much easier to try to remember certain information rather than to write it down.
But, the most famous influential entrepreneurs say the complete opposite. With billions of dollars to their name, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Sheryl Sandberg believe that taking notes is very important.
In fact, Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook COO, never goes anywhere without her notebook. Of course, many available note-taking apps go above and beyond with all the features they have to offer. But, according to David Allen, a famous author, it makes you more productive. It is much easier and faster to get things done right away. There is no need for a power source, a program, or external drives.
And he is not the only one. In an interview from 2006, Richard Branson said he always carries a notepad and a pen to every occasion. He uses it for every idea, suggestion, problem, or contact he wants to remember. Of course, not all ideas are noteworthy. But, no matter how small, complex, or simple, and idea is, it is always good to write it down.
Why Should You Take Notes

Based on statistics, people who write important information on notes have a 34% chance of remembering it. But, there is more to this method than simply remembering information. Here is why you should start taking notes.
It Keeps You Organized
For any successful entrepreneur, it is important to keep all the ideas organized. After all, staying organized is crucial!
Makes You More Creative
Once you’ve focused on one particular project, you can later expand those ideas with knowledge retention. By using your initiative, you can be more innovative and creative.
You Get to Prioritize
Going on a meeting or listening to presentations can keep you overflown with information. Once that information starts to pile up, you will forget the most important things you were supposed to do. That is why it is important to write things down. Make a list. This way you can prioritize the things you have to do in a certain situation.
Keeps You Alert
By taking notes, you will keep your body active. This way, you will avoid getting distracted during important meetings.
Keeps Your Mind Engaged
When you listen carefully, you will decide what it is that you want to remember. So, you include only the most relevant information in your notes. This activity keeps the mind actively involved in whatever you are hearing.

This is a habit by which 5 successful billionaires swear by! Note-taking is an overlooked activity. But, maybe now it will become a part of your daily work routine.



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